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About Us

Our Mission

To be the premier roofing choice in the Willamette Valley by providing our clients peace of mind through the superior workmanship of our proud roofing professionals.

Our Values

Unsurpassed Workmanship and Artistry – we are committed to both using and teaching the most effective techniques and best practices to ensure functionality and the best visual outcomes possible

Integrity – we believe in doing what is right for our clients, our employees and ourselves at all times

Communication and Transparency – we operate in full disclosure, from our initial evaluation and recommendation all the way through our final invoice

Our Story

Rob started roofing in his early teenage years with his father,  uncle, and cousins, and he always knew roofing would be how he made a living. Over the next couple of decades, he gained formal trade education, deep experience, and industry exposure. As a journeyman roofer, he worked installing various types of steep and low slope roofing on projects varying in size and difficulty. Rob continuously observed the in-balance of quality in the roofing market, it is amazing how many mediocre roofs are out there.

In 2013, Rob received a promotion and became the crane operator for his large local shop. This promotion came with added responsibility, scope, and more visibility of the inner-workings of the business. It personally confirmed for him there was always room for growth. At this point, Rob’s soon to be wife, Tina, had graduated with a business degree and had gained several years of business experience working at Intel.

In 2014, Rob and Tina, had an insanely busy year: they got married and set out to build a business based on high-level standards for their products, services, reputation, and ethics. As the business has grown, and as they have had increased interactions with clients, contractors, suppliers, and other businesses, they have developed an even stronger sense of purpose knowing the level of service and quality they are providing absolutely warrants the investments their clients make in them.

Rob and Tina feel extremely grateful for the skilled and dedicated crew at the heart of Armor Roofing. This was one surprising detail about owning a business they were not expecting. Working hard to aid employees in supporting their families, achieving personal growth, and meeting their own financial goals brings Rob and Tina fulfillment. In 2018, they were fortunate to bring on Rob’s sister, Rishel, a student at Western Oregon. Her aptitude and outstanding ability have gone a long way to help with all things in the office.

Turns out, both of Rob’s cousins who started out roofing in the mid 90’s with him are General Contractors in Arizona today—construction is definitely part of who they all are. Rob and Tina know the warranties they offer are only as good as the business they run and believe the combination of their background, skills sets, and focus on their mission and values will continue to help them grow their business.

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